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3819 West Broadway
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55422
Clinic Hours
8:00am-5:00pm Monday- Friday
7:30am-12:30pm Saturday
Main Telephone : 763.533.2534
After Hours Appointment Line
6:00pm-8:00pm Monday-Thursday
After Hours Phone: (612) 293-8135


  • Family Practice Medical Care

  • First Trimester Surgical Abortion services up to 12 weeks from the last menstrual period

  • Pregnancy testing and counseling

  • Medical Abortions (the "Abortion Pill") up to 7 weeks from the last menstrual period

  • Emergency Contraception (also referred to as the Morning-After-Pill)

  • Birth Control counseling and STD (sexually-transmitted disease) testing

Abortion Scheduling and Visit Information

Appointments:  Morning and afternoon appointments are available Monday through Saturday.  We are able to offer more private appointment times due to the fact that we intersperse abortion appointments throughout the day when people seeking other medical care are also scheduled.

Your Visit Includes

  • Lab Tests:  A pregnancy test, Rh typing, and hemoglobin

  • Ultrasound:  An ultrasound is performed to determine the actual gestation of the pregnancy.

  • Counseling/Health Care Education:  Patients meet with a member of our compassionate health care staff for discussion of options, explanation of the procedure, aftercare instructions, informed consent, and contraceptive information.

  • Abortion Procedure:  The abortion procedure is performed by a safe surgical method called a vacuum aspiration which takes approximately five to ten minutes.

  • Time Spent at the Clinic:  2 to 4 hours for all of the above

  • For more information on the actual  abortion procedure, link to NAF


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